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720 Releases New Summer Models

May 16th, 2008 (720 International Limited) – 720 announced today the release of six new fashion and sporty models for the summer season.  The new models will carry all the features 720 is known for and incorporate new styles that push forward the envelope of fashion.  Edgy in design and functional for sports, the new models fit nicely in 720’s current line, and will extend the scope of 720’s vision beyond basic sporting and fashion needs.


Having been named KEWL, Flame, Yoyo, Ease and Posh, the new models all have their own distinctive style and atmosphere.  Also, an addition to the successful Tibet series has been created to assess the need for consumers growing tastes.  Each model has its own features, but all models have 720’s Double Impact Polycarbonate lenses, an Anti-Scratch Coating and 720’s patented EDO™ lens and EFS™ frame technologies.

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